Water Tattoos Keep the Ocean Nearby

Water tattoos can come in all shapes and sizes. There really is no limit on the way that you can incorporate water into the new tattoo that you plan to get. It can be as simple as adding a few waves to the design or as elaborate as rendering an entire seascape on your body.

Research the Designs

If you wish to get a water themed tattoo, you can start by first researching different designs that incorporate water. Find out the different designs that are out there to start get some ideas about the ink that you want to get. Get inspiration online or tattoo magazines. You can also consider taking different elements of each design to create your own unique water tattoo. When picking out the design, think about how the water is going to be a part of it. Do you plan to have fish? Perhaps a shark? You are going to find that most water tattoo designs include some sort of sea life.

You should be a fan of the colors blue and green if you want to get a water tattoo. This is because the main base color of any water tattoo is going to be blue, or less commonly green. Although you can incorporate other colors, the blue of the tattoo is likely to catch most people’s eye. You may want to consider a bold color to set off the blue of the tattoo. For example, a brightly colored red fish can look appealing on a water tattoo.

Beyond the Sea

If you are not one for ocean and sea life images, you can also consider a Japanese water tattoo. In this case, you get a Japanese character that symbolized the element. The characters for water, fish and rain are popular choices. Furthermore, people born under water signs may also wish to get a water tattoo. The astrological sign for Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces each represent water.

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Once you get a general idea about the design that you want, set out to find a tattoo artist that can create the water tattoo for you. Ask friends for recommendations on artists that are known for designing amazing aqua themed tattoos. Tattoo artists typically have portfolios. Don’t be afraid to ask them to see water tattoos that they have done for past clients. Hopefully, the two of you can work together to create a water tattoo that you’ll both be pleased with. Once the tattoo is complete, you’ll be pleased to feel as if the ocean is near you at all time.

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