Tribal Tattoo Designs: Still Popular Today

Tribal tattoo designs have a history that dates back hundreds and perhaps thousands of years. Tribal tattoos were used in tribes as a way to let the tribe know that a young person has entered adulthood. They tested the pain tolerance of the person as a way to discover whether or not they were ready to become a warrior or mother for the tribe.

Tribal tattoo designs saw resurgence in popularity during the 1970s. People sought out simplistic tribal designs to put on their bodies. As tribal tattoos became even trendier, people set out to trace their tribal ancestry and put these tattoos upon their skin. Today, tribal tattoo designs are still very popular. They appeal to people because of their simplicity and the symbolism behind the design. Even if you have no tribal ties, you can still choose to get a tribal tattoo.

Choosing Your Design

Picking out a tribal tattoo design can prove to be tricky. It is likely that most shops are going to have literally hundreds of different designs that you can choose from. Designs may include a tribal sun, moon, and fire. An angular tribal tattoo design is another style that you can choose to get. These designs look like knives coming out in all directions from the skin and may represent another element found in nature. The best way to settle on a tribal tattoo design is to do some research before you head over to the tattoo shop. Look online for different designs or get ideas from friends that you know have been inked with a tribal design.

When getting a tribal tattoo, you should expect to have the tattoo displayed in black ink exclusively. There is no trace of color found in true tribal tattoo designs. You may request color, but it is likely to take away from the symbolism of the design.

Tribal Tattoo Placement

After researching the different designs, it is time to begin thinking about where on your body you would like the tattoo placed. Although tribal tattoos can be put anywhere, certain spots are going to look better than others. Your gender is also likely to dictate where you place the tribal design. Women typically choose their ankles or backs for the tribal design. Men have them applied often on their arms, chest and calves.

A tribal tattoo is not a design that you are likely to regret. They have a classic look with plenty of meaning behind it. The important thing to remember is to communicate with your tattoo artist in order to get a tribal tattoo that you are pleased with.

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