Tattoo Removal Methods

Tattoos are designs injected into the top layer or the epidermis of the skin. Tattoo ink is used so that the design penetrates at least a few layers of the skin thus making the tattoo permanent.

Although a lot of people get tattoos on their bodies, studies show that over half of them regret them and want to get them removed. If you have tattoo removal in mind, just know that there are several methods available that can help you get rid of your tattoos.

Tattoo Removal Through Dermabrasion

Tattoo removal using dermabrasion involves repeatedly scraping the surface of the skin with medical grade sandpaper or a rotary device with a diamond burr. This process breaks down the glue that holds skin together and allows the top layers of the skin to slough off carrying the tattoo pigment with it. This will need to be repeated until all the layers carrying pigment have been removed and normal skin has replaced it. Keep in mind that apart from being painful, dermabrasion might cause scarring and might not completely remove your old tattoos that might have penetrated very deep into your skin.

Salabrasion is an older form of dermabrasion and involves rubbing the skin with salt or a salt solution prior to using an abrading instrument. This is probably the oldest method of removing tattoos from the skin. Regardless to say, it is also one of the most painful and can cause reddening and bleeding of the skin with a definite risk of permanent scarring.

TCA Tattoo Removal

This method involves using TCA peels for tattoo removal. A 50% or stronger solution of TCA is applied to the areas where the tattoos are present and allowed the frost. Frosting is a visible sign where the skin turns pale and frosty. It indicates that the proteins in your skin have neutralized the peel and that the peel has penetrated the skin. After the frosting stage, skin begins to visibly peel for upto two weeks. Since TCA peels can successfully remove several layers of skin in one application, several people notice good results with TCA tattoo removal. Wait for a period of six weeks before attempting another TCA peel for tattoo removal. TCA peels are a good option for people regardless of skin color, although darker skin shades always have a higher risk of hyperpigmentation. Talk to your doctor about TCA tattoo removal for your skin.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Perhaps the most modern method of removing tattoos, lasers offer a safe and relatively safe procedure to get rid of tattoos. Lasers target only the pigment present in tattoos and leave the surrounding skin unharmed. Several treatments might be required before the tattoo ink is completely carried out of the skin by your body's natural cleaning mechanisms. Lasers are limited when trying to remove brightly colored tattoos and work best with tattoos that are small and composed of one or two dark shades of ink. Please see our section on laser tattoo removal and laser tattoo removal costs for more information on this procedure.


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