The wonderfully simple star tattoo

Star tattoos are overwhelmingly found on female faces or bodies. This design is eternally popular with women although some men do wear star tattoos with very aggressive interpretations. Star tattoos can be simple stars or could contain bursts of colors and patterns. Like most other popular tattoo styles, stars can be personalized to mean something special to each person that wears them. Many people get their first tattoos in the shape of a star.

What do star tattoos symbolize?

Stars shapes are universal and need no explanation. Any person from any culture or country can instantly recognize a star pattern. The meaning ascribed to various star tattoos, however, can vary widely depending on the type of star tattoo drawn and the location of the actual tattoo. Many women cannot explain why they like star tattoos so much. Perhaps it stirs memories of their childhood when they used a pen to draw an image of a simple star on their hands or bodies for the first time. Stars could also mean that the wearer aspires to star like qualities of being heavenly, bright and radiant. Some people like star tattoos because they believe they are stars or would like to be seen as such. There are also some people that believe that stars tattoos, especially on the wrist, can denote homosexuality and can be used an a means of instantly recognizing a gay person.

Star tattoo designs

Star tattoos can be drawn with with five, six or multiple number of points. Five point star tattoos can have a point pointing upwards like a conventionally drawn star or the first two points pointing sideways, like a starfish. Some star tattos also show curved or curled points and some are drawn so thick that the points look more like arches. More masculine star tattoos might depict flames or a skull in the middle of the star tattoo like the images below. Many dainty tattoos also feature a collection of star like patterns that weave together to form a beautiful design. 

When you get a star tattoo, also keep in mind that stars also have religious symbolism. Five point stars could represent a pentacle and a six star pattern could depict the Star of David, an important symbol for those of the Jewish faith. Whatever you personal meaning and preferred shape of stars, a star tattoo is a versatile shape and can be changed and presented in a way that means something special to you, the wearer.

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