Are skull tattoos as scary as they appear?

Skull tattoos are traditionally associated with bikers or people on the fringe of society. This association most likely came about due to the use of skull and cross bones by pirates on their flags. Skull and cross bones still evoke feelings of danger and death but those attitudes are slowly changing. Nowadays, it is common to see men and women from all walks of life sporting what looks like a skull tattoo. The skull tattoo seems to have finally shed it's negative image and become cool again.

History of skull tattoos and skull symbolism

Skulls are used in several cultures to denote death but are not necessarily signs of evil or destruction. In fortune telling, particularly tarot cards, the skull denotes death and regeneration. Skulls have also made appearances in literature, the most popular being in the Shakespearean play Macbeth. Mexicans celebrate the day of the death which the commemorate with candlelight vigils at graveyards followed by treats like skulls made out of sugar or cakes shaped like skulls. Skull tattoos with a snake coming out of one of the eye sockets is a favorite among people looking to get a skull tattoo and is actually an ancient sign of wisdom and knowledge in some religions.

Choosing a skull tattoo

If you decide to get a skull tattoo, try to avoid the common patterns which show skulls and crossbones. Go with any of the new interpretations of the classic skull tattoo.

Skulls can be paired with various other objects like flowers or could also be drawn as the head of a male or female figure. Multiple skulls in one tattoo are rare, such as the second image above. If you could get such a pattern you can be sure of carrying a rare piece of art on your body. Many gamblers get skull tattoos as a lucky charm to help with their odds of winning. The last tattoo in the panel above shows a gambler's skull tattoo. Skull tattoos have also grown in size with some people choosing to cover an entire arm or back with a giant skull tattoo.


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