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Tattoos are very popular, and many people like to get tattoos because it can be a form of self-expression and a form of art as well. Many people like to use themselves as an artistic statement, and therefore tattoos are very popular.


However, a trend lately has been to take art from different areas of the world and use it as tattoos, no matter if you are descended from that area or not. One of these forms is Samoan Tattoos.


What Are Samoan Tattoos


Samoan Tattoos are tattoos typically contain simple geometric shapes like dots, squares and rectangles. They also could have simple curve shapes as well as zigzag lines and crosses. One interesting aspect of samoan tattoos is the absence of circles. It is not quite clear while circles are not tattooed on the body. If you see a Polynesian tattoo that contains circles, you can be sure that it is not Samoan in origin.


Traditionally samoan tattoos for men feature much thicker lines as well as very deep and extensive tattoos. Most tattoos for men were traditional done from the waist down to the top of the knees. Since this covered a large part of the body, Samoan tattoos for men can be very formidable looking. Tattoos for women were never as extensive or detailed and hence appeared more delicate and lacy looking. Samoan patterns are refreshingly different and are a great way to get a tribal tattoo that looks unique. Interestingly enough the Samoan word for tattoo is tatau. One could say the origin of the word tattoo is probably Samoan.


Things To Think About


However, there are some things to think about when you are looking into Samoan Tattoos. You have to be sure that you know what you are getting in to, and what it means. Each of the Samoan Tattoo designs is valuable because they each have different meanings. You should know what the meanings are though, before you start. It's also good to know what patterns are typically associated with men and which ones are traditionally female. It's also important to note that Samoans reserve tattoos for the body and never tattoo the face. Face tattoos are popular among the Maoris.




Also, something else that you have to keep in mind is the idea of respect. If you are getting Samoan Tattoos that means that you are getting something from another culture put onto you. If you are Samoan, this is just fine because you understand and respect the culture. However, if you aren’t, and if you don’t know anything about the culture, you should research it before you get your Samoan Tattoos. This is necessary to prevent any embarrasment that could be caused by getting something that is offensive to a Samoan. Remember that Samoan Tattoos represent a culture and an art form, and if you are going to get them done, you have to be sure that you understand them and respect them first.


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