Rose tattoos: feminine and delicate?

Roses are traditionally associated with feminine beauty. Countless men have gifted their ladies with roses. It's no surprise that the overwhelming majority of rose tattoos are done on women. Many women choosing a tattoo for the first time or trying a temporary tattoo tend to choose a rose tattoo. 

Lately however, men have started using the rose tattoo in a distinctly masculine way. Rose tattoos merged with images like flames and skulls can now be seen on men.

The color of your rose tattoo

The color you choose for your rose tattoo can have significance. Red roses are a symbol of love, passion and romance. If you are a woman, you could get a red rose tattoo with the name of your sweetheart as a gift he will never forget. Yellow roses signify friendship while white roses symbolize purity and innocence.

Black roses are traditionally associated with death. It is also a masculine form of the rose and you will find many male tattoos show black roses. A colorful rose tattoo can also be used as a cover-up for skin flaws or to disguise an old tattoo that you don't like anymore. 

Should you get a rose tattoo

If you are a woman and are worried about possibly regretting your decision about getting a tattoo, getting one with the image of a rose is always a safe bet. Rose tattoos are timeless and classic. They will never go out of fashion. Many women choose to have rose tattoos done on very feminine areas of the body like the breasts, buttocks or very low on the hip.

Some unusual rose tattoo styles for women include a circle of tiny roses and vines around your wrists or ankles. Rose tattoos look very attractive and will always appear so, regardless of trend changes in the tattoo world. If you are a man and are up for the challenge of taking this traditionally female symbol and making it your own, more power to you!

With the abundance of designs that potray a masculine take on the rose tattoos, like the images above, you will never run out of ideas to try!

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