Religious tattoos for those who believe

Religious tattoos are the ultimate symbol of one's faith and devotion to one's religion. Carrying a tattoo signifying your religious beliefs on your body is the ultimate proclamation to the world about your sincerity and devotion to your religion.

Religious tattoos vary widely from the crucifix tattoo favored by Christians to the Sanskrit lettering of the Hindus and Bodhi tree images chosen by the Buddhists.

Religious tattoo patterns

Religious tattoos vary widely in shape and form depending on the religion. Below are a few pointers

  • Christian Tattoos: These include the crucifix or cross tattoos as the most obvious religious tattoo. Some also get images of Jesus, rosaries or scriptures tattooed on their bodies. Catholics also get the image on the Virgin Mary tattooed on their bodies. There are also some religious tattoos of the Virgin Mary holding the Infant Jesus.
  • Jewish Tattoos: Although people might argue that Jews are prohibited to wear tattoos there are a number of people that still get them done. Popular Jewish tattoos include images of the star of David or the Menorah. Some people even get Hebrew words tattooed on their arms or bodies. The Kabbalah symbol of the nine pointed star is another distinctly Jewish religious tattoo.
  • Buddhist Tattoos: Buddhist tattoos can look very distintive and can include actual images of the Buddha, the Bodhi tree under which he gave his discourses or lettering in Sanskrit or Thai, depending on where you get your religious tattoo pattern. Many buddhist monks in the far east are accomplished tattoo artists.
  • Hindu Tattoos: The most recognizable Hindu tattoo is probably one of the word "Om" in Sanskrit. Since Hinduism has multiple dieties one can tattoo an image of a great variety of Indian gods. This is not common practice however, as Hindus believe that one's body is unclean and is not a suitable place to carry an image of god. 

Caution when choosing religious tattoos

Like tattoos of other cultures, make sure that you don't offend the sensibilities of people by tattooing symbols of their religion on inappropriate places of the body, for example, getting a buddhist tattoo close to your feet. Also check with a person or several people of the religion about the exact meaning of the tattoo you intend to get. Once you make these preliminary checks, you can go ahead and get a glorious religious tattoo to announce your faith and devotion to the world.


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