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There are many different forms of expression that you might be interested in. If you are interested in a tattoo, you might not be considering the idea of getting something that is going to be permanently on your body. If you like the idea of creating art on your body, but you don’t like the idea of the art being permanent, you should look in to Henna Tattoos. Henna tattoos gained popularity due to artists like Madonna who used them on her hands and arms in her video for the track "Frozen" from her Ray of Light album.


What Are Henna Tattoos?


Henna Tattoos are art done on your body with Henna ink. This is a very dark ink that stains your skin for awhile – up to many days with the strongest kind. The process of getting the Henna Tattoos is different than temporary tattoos because there usually aren’t any patterns already established. Henna design patterns are usually freestyle and the more experience a henna tattoo artist has the more intricate and extensive your designs can be. These tattoos will stain your skin and last for several days, even weeks, if you care for them properly.


Types of Henna for Henna Tattoos


There are different ways of creating the henna paste depending on the region where it is used. The most popular pre-made henna pastes or cones are usually made in one of the following three styles:


Indian Henna Paste: The paste for application is made with henna leaves and a little lime or lemon juice and water. The paste is cooled overnight and applied in the morning.


Arab Henna Paste: In addition to henna paste and lemon or lime juice, tea is added to the paste instead of water. This helps the color intensify even more.


Sudanese Henna paste: This paste gives the darkest color to your henna tattoo without the use of chemicals. Sudanese henna paste does not contain lemon or lime juice. It contains henna, tea and an oil that penetrates the skin for intense color.


Henna tattoo | temporary tattoo | Custom tattoo 


Henna Tattoo Application


Traditionaly henna tattoos were applied with a twig dipped in henna paste. This method was very time consuming and created uneven lines of henna on the skin. Nowadays, henna tattoos are applied with a cone very similar to an icing bag and left on the skin for several hours. If you are using Indian henna paste, moisten your tattoo for several hours with sugar water. This will help intensify the color of your henna tattoo. If you have used sudanese henna paste, simply wait for the henna to dry and then peel off the flakes. Rub in a good quality moiturizer into your tattoo. Your tattoo will darken dramatically over night and you will be left with a beautiful, intricate design on your skin. For the most color, intensity and long lasting tattoos, use sudanese henna paste cones.


To help prevent the color of your henna tattoo from fading too soon, use mild soaps and avoid dipping your hands in harsh detergents. Your skin might also carry a characteristic henna aroma (not at all unpleasant!) for a few days and this is normal.




Henna Tattoos are usually done in several south asian and middle eastern countries to decorate people’s bodies. They are done for many reasons, but the most common reason is to celebrate weddings. It is very common for the brides and her friends to get their hands and feet tattooed with henna. The bride leaves the henna on for the longest because it is believed the darker her henna tattoos the stronger her marriage. In some cultures the groom gets a henna tattoo as well.  


Henna Tattoos can be a great way for you to express yourself. They are exotic and neat to look at because they are usually rather large. They are something that you can get done and you can use them for fairs or festivals or going to concerts, or even just for a different look for a few days. Although henna tattoos are traditionally applied only to the hands, arms, feet and lower legs, you can get a henna tattoo anywhere on your body. The lighter your skin tone, the more your henna tattoo will stand out. Getting Henna Tattoos is a great way to allow yourself to be an artist canvas, and to allow yourself to really enjoy your own expression.


Remember that Henna Tattoos are not permanent. However, you might decide that you like it so much that you want to get the design done permanently. This can also be a great way to see if you like tattoos and if you are interested in getting one.


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