Heart Tattoos: Universal symbols of emotion

Heart tattoos are one of those rare tattoos that are instantly recognizable and rarely mistaken for what they represent. Unlike other popular tattoo styles, heart tattoos are impossible to associate with anything other than feelings. Regardless of the tone of the tattoo, heart tattoos will always stand for emotion. The emotion represented could be positive, as indicated by an intact heart tattoo or a pair of hearts or could symbolize pain and suffering by a dagger through the heart or thorns and blood dripping from the heart.

Picking your heart tattoo

Before you pick a heart tattoo, decide on what it means to you. Since this is a powerful symbol of emotion, you want to make sure it means something special to you, in case someone asks you what it means! Also, do not get a heart tattoo impulsively again due to the powerful nature of this symbol. Make sure it represents someone that will always be in your life like a parent, sibling or child. If you plan on getting a heart tattoo showing the pain you are currently experiencing think carefully as your feelings might change in the future and you don't want to regret your decision to permanently record your current feelings of pain or heartbreak.

Heart tattoos come in various styles

Heart tattoos could be simple outlines of hearts. This style is popular for those that want tattoos of linked hearts. A solid red heart is possibly the most popular heart tattoo style. A heart tattoo can be combined with various other images like wings: to denote a free-spirit or a light hearted person, crown of thorns and a cross to represent the suffering of Christ, doves to symbolize a peaceful heart etc.

Darker heart images include a heart split in two or a dagger or sabre running through the length of the heart. Whatever heart tattoo you pick, just know that they are going to evoke a powerful response and curiosity from people that see them. A creative way to wear your heart tattoo woud be in linked style with vines and stems. This would form a pretty bracelet that you could get inked around your wrist or ankle.

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