Wearing Fairy Tattoos

Fairy tattoos are popular among young women. Fairy tattoo images can take on many forms depending on the interpretation of the artist and the tattoo wearer. Fairy tattoos are often used to represent attributes of the wearer like good nature, high spirits or a mischievious attitude to life. Fairies might also be used to represent that the wearer is someone charismatic: someone that might cast a spell on you. Some also get fairy tattoos with the fairy carrying something that they enjoy, such as a book or playing an instrument.

Fairy tattoos can be made to look like butterflies or like angels, depending on the pattern selected. Some even get a tiny fairy inked inside a butterfly tattoo. Since the style of a fairy's wings are similar to those of a butterfly, there is no surprise that the two images are often merged into one design.

Where did fairy tattoos come from?

In mythology, fairies are not the benign creatures we currently imagine them to be. They were assumed to be everything from mischievious to downright murderous creatures. A variety of diseases, problems and even death were attributed to fairies. Fairies were represented as saisctic creatures that caused trouble for the fun of it and children were cautioned against wandering into areas where fairies might put a spell on them. Fairies are frequently mentioned in various European mythologies and might even be found in some Eastern stories and fables. In modern times, fairies have been adopted by popular culture and children's literature to denote much nicer and pleasant looking creatures. The most recognizable symbol of that would be Disney's Tinkerbelle. Getting a tattoo done of such pretty and delicate creatures, as represented in illustrations, was the next logical step to many that fell in love with the images.

Fairy Tattoo styles

Most fairy tattoos are delicate and mutlicolored. The wings can vary in shape from angel wings to delicate, gossamer wings. Most fairy tattoos are of female fairies with short hair or hair tied up close to the head. Some also have long flowing hair with a wreath around the head. The are almost always drawn with their feet bare with scanty clothing on. Some fairy tattoos feature naked fairies. Fairy tattoos can be made to look innocent and childlike or take on a more sensual and worldy appearance depending on the wearer. Since fairy tattoos can have so many meanings and interpretations, discuss your design with your tattoo artist so that he or she has a clear idea of what you want.

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