Mysterious chinese tattoos

Chinese tattoos started to become popular in the mid nineties. People loved the exotic patterns and the elegant symbols previously only seen in calligraphy and it quickly became popular and fashionable to flaunt a chinese tattoo. Chinese or Japanese tattoo symbols are seen on a number of celebrities including several NBA players, singers, models and actors.

Most westerners are drawn to the beauty of the symbols and the fact that words like "love" or "peace" look so much better when drawn in chinese characters.

History of Chinese Tattoos 

It's interesting to note that although these tattoos look really attractive, they are not common in China. Historically, tattoos were used to mark petty criminals in China as a warning to the general public. These days tattoos still have a negative image in China and Hong Kong because they are often used by members of organized crime to mark themselves.

Points to note before you get a chinese tattoo

Although the lure of the exotic is strong and the temptation to get a pretty chinese symbol tattooed on your arm is irresistable, it is advisable to do some research before you commit to a design. Many have found to their dismay that the symbols they thought meant something lovely was actually funny, or even worse, offensive, when translated into Chinese. It is best to get your intended symbol or words verified by a native Chinese speaker. This can help avoid any mistakes or embarrassments due to wrong symbols or words being used. Alternatively you can get chinese imagery symbols such as yin-yang tattoos. Some examples are shows below.

chinese tattoos          chinese tattoo         chinese tatoo

Also keep in mind that your message could get lost in translation. What sounds cool in English might not translate well into Chinese. For example, rock and roll will probably sound really stupid and meaningless in Chinese. Your best bet would be to ask a qualified speaker of chinese to translate what you have in mind into Chinese and then ask your tattoo artist to carefully transfer your chinese tattoo onto your body.

If you intend to get a Chinese tattoo, go with a tattoo artist with a steady hand. If a line within a character is drawn too thick or too thin, it could change the entire meaning of the symbol. Another tip would be to go with a single word such as "love" instead of a whole phrase or sentence. This can help you avoid the risk of your tattoo meaning something other than you intended while allowing you to showcase a beautiful chinese tattoo on your body. Avoid using your name in a Chinese tattoo as western names do not translate into traditional characters.

If you currently have a chinese tattoo that was wrongly drawn don't despair. A skilled tattoo artist can repair the damage or even draw another symbol or image over the tattoo. Another option would be to remove the tattoo entirely. Tattoo removal has come a long way and most people are able to successfully remove their tattoos without too much trouble.

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