Amazing Celtic Tattoos

Celtic tattoos use symbols of the Celtic culture that date back several thousands of years. Celtic people worshipped nature and used symbols in great abundance. They believed that these symbols would safguard them from natural elements and help protect them from the destructive forces of nature. Celtic tattoos are distinctive because they follow traditional celtic patterns, which are chiefly composed of knot like patterns. Celtic crosses tattoos are also based on a distinct Celtic symbol as are various other Celtic tattoos like those of Shamrocks, dragons, spirals and the tree of life.

Since Celtic cultures did not have a written history it is hard to pinpoint what exactly the more abstract symbols represent. Historians that have studied Celtic culture simply draw references and then guess what the symbols stand for. This makes Celtic symbol tattoos all the more alluring and intriguing.

Popular Celtic Tattoo Styles

Probably the most popular Celtic tattoo style would be the Celtic cross. The Celtic cross creates a beautiful interpretation of the traditional cross. Celtic cross tattoos look stunning whether done in black ink or with lots of color. Another propular style would be a representation of the famous Celtic knots. Knot images can be simple or huge and intricate. Contrary to what many might believe, Celtic knots are not a pre-historic symbol. Their origin has been traced to Christian monks of Irish origin that used these symbols to decorate and illustrate religious works. Celtic animal image tattoos like the dragon tattoo are also popular in the tattoo world. Other Celtic symbols like the shamrock are typically tattooed by people of Celtic origin that want to make a statement about their pride in their culture.

Celtic tattoo interpretations

Many tattoo artists have taken distinct Celtic patterns and created their own versions of Celtic tattoos as shown above. The beauty of these symbols lend well to interpretations and the end result can be awe-inspiring. Since no one knows that real meanings of Celtic tattoos and the symbols it uses, it is unlikely that you will offend the sensibilities of someone with your cultural ignorance of the Celtic pattern. So get creative with your Celtic tattoo and make a distinct pattern that you can proudly call your own. 


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