Celtic Design Tattoos Keep Irish Traditions Above the Surface

In recent years there has been a resurgence in the interest and acquiring of tattoos. A myriad of people get a tattoo to display their personal interests, style, belief systems, as a form of artwork, and to showcase the names of their loved ones. Long gone are the days of only having a choice of army green ink and some militaristic sentiment to females in other ports.

Tattoos can be as original as the owners who sport them. The art designs and palette of ink choices are endless in variety. If someone is an artist they can design their own tattoo without having to rely on the expertise of a tattoo shop. Celtic design tattoos are a way to proudly tell the world about Irish history, tradition, religion, and cultural interests.

Types of Celtic Design Tattoos

Anyone who knows an Irish man or woman for that matter, realize they have a deep abiding sense of ethnic pride. With a country as rich in history and beauty it is easy to see and understand why this pride runs so deeply. Celtic design tattoos have become increasingly popular since tattoo methods and inks have improved in the past few decades. They are some of the most intricately fashioned tattoos consisting of highly geometric designs, animals, tribal symbols, religious symbols, and cultural pride symbols like the Claddaugh or shamrock. These celtic design tattoos come alive in a vivid manner with the beautiful black, red, and bright green inks in today’s tattoo design shops. Some of the designs have a three dimensional quality that makes them extremely intricate to design and to ink on the skin. With new technology, updated techniques, and an array of gorgeous colors these styles are less complicated to transfer from paper to skin.

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Many Celtic design tattoos are symbols of bygone eras in the Irish tradition. Brave warriors used to sport them to instill fear in their foes as they entered the battlefield. Some hail back to more than a thousand years ago and show tribal pride or prior religious affiliation. Some are Christian symbols keeping in line with the current religious movement of Ireland today. Animals array a lot of the designs in sometimes a blatant manner as a dragon, and sometimes are covertly contained within other designs in the form of dogs and other creatures. Celtic design tattoos have a universal appeal and can be worn by both men and women. Even if someone isn’t of Irish descent a Celtic design tattoo is a great choice for its mere beauty and vibrant color scheme choices.

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