Beautiful Butterfly Tattoos

Butterfly tattoos are aesthetically very pleasing. The shape of the wings, no matter how stylized, coupled with the symmertry of structure makes for a very beautiful image. As might be expected, you are more likely to see a butterfly tattoo on a woman than a man due to the beauty and femininity associated with butterfly tattoos. Creative artists have also created masculine looking butterfly tattoos for the men that would like to have a tattoo of this beautful winged insect.

Symbolism of Butterfly Tattoos

Butterflies symbolize various positive things. Besides being very attractive, butterfly tattoos can be used to symbolize change, in attitude or in living conditions, or could symbolize growth, ie, metamorphosis from an ugly grub to a beautiful butterfly. Butterflies also have meanings in various cultures. Some cultures believe that the spirits of their dead take on the shape of butterflies. In other cultures butterflies symbolize birth, both literally and figuratively. Butterfly tattoos can also symbolize fertility and abundance as butterflies are typically seen in spring when flowers are in bloom. Butterfly tattoos could also take on any meaning that the wearer associates with them. Some get dark butterfly tattoos that might have a serious personal meaning to them. Others might get a bright, multi-colored butterfly tattoo just for the beauty of it and without attaching any special meaning to it. 

Where to wear your butterfly tattoo

You can wear your butterfly tattoo on any part of your face or body. However, most women tend to get them done on the ankles, shoulders, lower hip or chest. if you are a woman butterfly tattoos can be done on areas of your body that are particularly delicate in order to draw attention to them. Butterflies evoke feelings of beauty and fragility and having them done in areas which are most delicate and beautiful can call on the full power of this tattoo. It's a great way to get the attention of guys! As for men, if you wish to get a butterfly tattoo to represent a special lady in your life, you can get a masculine style, like the ones shown above. This way, you can retain your masculine appearance and win the heart of your special lady all at once!

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