Angel tattoos: What are they?

Angels are immortal creatures and are found mentioned in several religious texts. They are believed to be above human qualities and desires but do not have godly powers. Many people believe that in an other worldy spirit that watches over them and choose to call this spirit their guardian angel. Angels also figure in several religious texts and are considered the helpers of god. Angel tattoos could thus be a representation of one's guardian spirit or it could be a representation of one's religious faith.

Types of Angels

Angels feature prominently in several religious texts of the Christian, Jew and Muslim faith. They are shown to possess tremendous amounts of knowledge and wisdom and sometimes act as the intermediary between god and man. They appear to be another species, superior to humans but not divine. They also appear fallible, the most prominent being the fallen angel, Lucifer, who is referred to as the Devil.

Different texts offer different visions of angels, some showing them to possess human qualities like the ability to feel pain and compassion while others show them in a more detached, neutral light, capable or turning to good or evil. Most illustrations of angels feature androgynous faces with varying wing spans. Some illustrations show angels with multiple wings. Another popular style of illustration depict infant angels or cherubs although religious texts rarely mention angels with infant bodies or even wings for that matter! Objects usually inked on alongside angel tattoos include clouds, harps, halos, swords and crosses.

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If you want a truly unique angel tattoo, it might be worth delving a little deeper into angel classifications and see how each class of angels are potrayed. Here then are the classifications according literature and some religious texts.

First classification of Angels: These include Cherubim, Seraphim and Thrones. Cherubim or cherubs are depicted with infant bodies and wings. Seraphim are distinctive because of their multiple number of wings, often six in number. These wings are usually drawn in color. A seraphim angel tattoo is a great way to get an usual angel tattoo. Thrones do not have the usual appearance of angels at all and are said to possess multiple eyes and bizzare wheel shaped body. If you can find an image of a throne angel, it would be a great way to try something completely new.

Second classification of Angels: This class includes Dominions, Virtues and Powers. Dominions might be depicted with colored wings and wings on their helmets and feet. They might also be portrayed holding a sword or a sceptre. Virtues and powers also share similar characteristics and are often potrayed with swords and multi colored wings. The second classification will make for very unusual angel tattoos and will have people guessing what they are.

Third classification of Angels: These are the highest order of angels and include Archangels and Principalities. Principalities are shown with huge white wings and often holding a sceptre or a cross. Archanagels are the largest angels of them all. They have very large bodies and the largest wingspan among all angels. Their wings often glow gold. They are shown carrying a sword and a cross. Getting an angel tattoo of an archangel is a good way to play with a large tattoo idea. Use your back or upper arm as a canvas.

Take your time finding your unique Angel tattoo. As you can see, there are a huge variety of angel tattoo designs to choose from. Pick an angel for your angel tattoo that means something special to you and you can proudly carrying a design that has personal meaning and is beautiful and unusual at the same time.

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